Ajay Tokas is a Level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, having received the formal blessings of his Guru, Shri R. Sharath Jois to teach this yogic art. Ajay started his yoga journey in 2000 and has been devoted to the Ashtanga Yoga since 2010. Ajay started teaching yoga in Delhi, his home city, in 2010. He then travelled to Siberia and taught yoga there during 2010-12. Ajay’s teaching is inspired by the integration of strength in the Ashtanga Yoga with the inner experience of spiritual discipline.Ajay believes that with disciplined yoga practice one can open doors to self-realization.

Ajay was born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family. Since childhood, he had a deep impression of his mother practicing Bhakti Yoga. He used to visit Himalayan pilgrimages with his family and these spiritual journeys, seeing sages standing in yogic postures on sacred riverbanks, inspired him from an early age and sow a seed to pursue a yogic life. As he grew older, he started practicing yoga to lead a healthy and balanced life. He had an unquenchable thirst to learn more and travelled on his own to ashrams in the North and South of India. He spent a lot of time there; leading a simple life and got enriched in Bhakti and Karma yoga. During his travels he also come across different teachers from whom he learnt asanas for physical and spiritual well-being. On his return he engaged in Svadhyaya and moved deeper into yoga practice. Ajay found his Guru in Shri R. Sharath Jois and since 2010 has been visiting Mysore annually to study Ashtanga Yoga with his Guru.  Currently Ajay is practising the fourth series under his Guru's guidance.